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How our app can benefit your business!

Epic Minds gives you a new and innovative way to effectively connect, engage and get your message across.

Epic Minds journey app is a unique product in the travel and tourism industry. Your brand will be associated with a product that is both innovative and original.

Our app enhances the holiday experience. The holiday; carefree, fun, family or friend filled period in which you indulge yourself in all the good things in life. Through our app you are have the opportunity to connect with your customer base whilst they are having the time of their lives.

Our app has been designed to appeal to all generations, however, we have paid particular consideration to engaging both Generation Y and Generation X.

Epic Minds carries out its own advertising campaign across social media. This in tandem with your own brand advertising gives your route and brand additional exposure.

The Process

The Face to Face

This is the fun part where we get to meet you. We hear about your brand from the experts and discuss your vision for the tour. We discuss the type of route that suits your brand best, and listen to your ideas on style, design, content and photography.

The Plan

Based on our face-to-face we send you a proposal for the type, style, design and content of the tour. This also includes post-production advertising, regular updating and support. We give you an estimate of what’s involved time and money-wise, together with our contract. You give us the ‘Go Ahead’.

The Magic

Our Drive team hit the road and head out to experience the landscape and pinpoint the GPS points that your tour will be built around. Our creative team research and craft the content, including copy, photography, narration and music for your route. Each and every component is sent to you for approval.

The Fusion

We fuse the creative with the technical and upload the content. We hand your route back over to our Drive team and they test every component on your route in the landscape it was designed for.

The Reveal

Epic Minds introduce you to ‘Your Tour’. We email you a link to the route and you have your first peek at ‘Your Tour’. You can look at it, play with it, and go and test it yourselves. Then you give us the green light and we start our prelaunch ‘New Route’ social media campaign.

The Launch

We upload your route! Our work doesn’t end there as we follow up the reviews, update the content and provide support for you as necessary.

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Download Epic Minds

You can download the Epic Minds App via the Google Play Store and the Apple App store. Select the Driver or Passenger feature, then route you’d like to travel. And that’s it – you’re instantly linked by to the tour. Start driving and when you get to the beginning of the tour it will automatically click in.

Your Route