We are Epic Minds.

We are indeed Epic Minds; a collection of creative and adventurous friends that wanted to rethink travel and tourism.

The idea of an automatic, audio-visual virtual tour guide was conceived high up in the hills of Galloway in the South-West corner of Scotland. With friends always eager to visit us in this hidden and under-explored part of the country, the core team often found themselves acting as tour guides; whisking off guests to the hidden waterfalls, and ancient monuments that lie undiscovered to most, and regaling them with stories that only the locals know. It sparked an interest in us, and as we sought out the nooks and crannies of our heritage, researched local history and pumped community historians for information a cunning plan began to form. This was the start of Epic Minds.

For lots of reasons we wanted to produce a basic demo route. We wanted to show you the very tip of what we could do. We also wanted to give back to a place that gave us the most amazing childhoods; full of adventure, and inspiration, and that continues to shape us today. We could have produced a tour of a more well-known and established route, but we wanted to open up this part of the country to you.

So we decided to pay homage to Galloway and entertain you with a tour through the places that we know and love. From the entrance to the Glenkens, at the border between Dumfries & Galloway and Ayrshire, all the way to Castle Douglas.

Have fun, explore, adventure, and let us know what you think.

We give you the ‘Glenkens Gander!’