Sarah is our people person, the voice of common sense; wonderfully creative and our ‘go getter’. She abounds with energy and makes sure that we get things done. That said we know that the days work is done when she cracks that wicked smile and the giggles start.

 Tell us your version of the Epic Minds story?

When approached with the concept, I couldn’t believe it was something that wasn’t yet out there. Why not? It is such a great idea. Exciting and innovative; bringing real life to what is otherwise just a canvas of landscapes and communities flitting across the car windscreen. Re-inventing the road trip anywhere, from parochial parishes to city streets.

Where have you travelled and which memory stands out most?

I’ve travelled all over the world, having lived in the States, the Netherlands, Canada and Scotland as a child, and as an adult working and enjoying the variety our wonderful globe has to offer. The States really have a hold on my memories. The scale of the place compared to the UK is just so awe-inspiring. Huge highways, sprawling shopping malls, and cars the size of whales. Of course, it’s also home of the ultimate road-trip culture – in the States, you can drive anywhere, through extremes of climate and terrain, for weeks on end.

What is your favourite place in the UK?

 I love London, having lived there for a number of years. The vibrance and vitality of the city. Nothing quite compares. But having spent a lot of time living in cities, coming home to bonny green Galloway, where I spent most of my childhood, was really something else. What a place to raise children. Wholehearted communities where everyone knows each other and relies on each other every day. Living history – people remember what went on in these hills. Art, music, great food, great people and of course gorgeous scenery. What more could you want?

What’s your idea of a holiday?

Spending time with people I love in a beautiful place. Fun. Adventure. But it doesn’t have to mean flying off to some far-flung destination. You can get all that just by camping a few miles away from home. The most accessible holidays are, of course, piling into the car and just driving somewhere.

Give us your best road trip?

Driving from Newcastle upon-Tyne to the south of France with a bunch of housemates when we were at university. In a Fiat Punto. With no experience driving abroad, the city-slicker at the wheel quickly terrified on the small country roads – well, the passengers were terrified anyway! But fun -what fun! Exhilarating. Never again…but also never to be forgotten.