What Our App Does

Driver/Passenger Mode

We at Epic Minds want to cater to every one of you on the road trip. We realise that the driver’s needs are different from the passenger’s needs, and so we have created two different modes. The driver’s mode entertains without distraction. You hear a narrator in the local accent regaling you with stories and information, and talented musicians playing vibrant music penned and inspired by the local history, or scenery.

The passenger mode provides the same audio tour that the driver is listening to, but it also offers additional interactive features. The passenger has a ‘Find out more’ button which acts as a portal to a series of photos, and videos, plus more stories, facts. and interesting sites and sights that might pique your interest as you scroll through them.


A unique and original portrait of Scotland

Epic Minds wants to help you engage with the landscape, and understand the people, communities and surroundings that you pass through. We want to connect you with the landscape and inspire you to stop and explore. We understand that you have full and busy lives, and that you don’t have the time to read and research every inch of every journey that you take, so we have done it for you. We unearth fascinating local legends, and research local history to bring you interesting and original gems. We uncover those elements of the landscape that have a national or international connection. We help you discover the art and architecture, the engineering and science, the sport, industry and wildlife.  We introduce you to the peoples of Scotland, and help you understand the fabric of the communities you journey through. A little bit of everything to grab the interest of all on your road trip.

App Evolution

What on earth does that mean? It means that we here at Epic Minds update our app with regularity. There are bundles and bundles of stories, and stacks of information on both the historical and current that we could have used for each road and route, and we really don’t need an excuse to go out and take more photos and videos of the inspiring scenery. Add to this the fact that technology is developing at an unbelievable pace, is capable of more and more, and it makes sense to regularly update our tours. It’s not a static product, so next year when you visit your relatives, or take a business trip, or go on a road trip of any sort, you will be able to join us on a whole new adventure.


Download Epic Minds

You can download the Epic Minds App via the Google Play Store and the Apple App store. Select the Driver or Passenger feature, then route you’d like to travel. And that’s it – you’re instantly linked by to the tour. Start driving and when you get to the beginning of the tour it will automatically click in.