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Young Adventurers

Epic Minds wants our tours to have a little something that appeals to all of you. We realise that the traditional tour format was just not going to ‘cut it’ for the little ones, so we created something a little different.

On our ‘Young Adventurers’ page you can find children-orientated audio stories that you can download. All the stories are written specifically for each route; woven in and around the history, heritage, famous figures, sights and all the content that characterises our adult routes. The stories have been created by a professional children’s author for three different age groups, 0-4, 5-8, 9-12. The aim is to entertain your little ones and help them engage with the landscape in a fun and enjoyable ‘little person’ way. Download and enjoy!

About The Author

Writer Jayne Baldwin can be described as a multi-portfolio person or someone who is clearly wearing too many hats. After having to abandon an early ambition to be an international show jumper due to not having a horse, she focussed on becoming a journalist. Focussing however is not her forte and, easily distracted, she is now a children’s author, bookseller and publisher, writer of historical non fiction, literary advocate for the Wigtown Festival Company, and she still teaches yoga (something she veered off to train in) and does the occasional bit of journalism and PR. Her books include Big Bill’s Beltie Bairns, Maxwell’s Mega Mission, West Over the Waves, The Final Flight of Elsie Mackay and Mary Timney, Road to the Gallows. She runs Curly Tale Books, the children’s bookshop in Wigtown, Scotland’s National Booktown.

The publishing side of Curly Tale Books started in 2013 when Jayne began working with author and illustrator Shalla Gray. They launched the company with the first children’s book by legendary comic book writer Alan Grant (Batman, 2000AD, Judge Dredd) called ‘The Quite Big Rock.’ They have gone on to issue seven books including the popular Beltie series based on the distinctive Belted Galloway cattle indigenous to south west Scotland. In December 2017 they launched their first book celebrating the Scots language ‘Nip Nebs’ by Galloway storyteller Susi Briggs and artist Ruthie Redden. This beautifully illustrated book follows the ancient sprite known in English as Jack Frost as he weaves his magic across a winter landscape.

Our Little Car – 0-4 Year Olds

Full of the rhythm, rhyming, and vivid imagery to engage your pint sized passengers as they adventure forth in your little car.

Maisie’s Wartime Adventures – 5-8 Year Olds

Maisie is evacuated from the city to the countryside in what is wartime Scotland. Join her as she begins her new adventures in the heart of rural Galloway

Angus and the Drovers – 9-12 Year Olds

Angus spends his time listening to the conversation of Drovers, daydreaming of the day that he can join them in their adventures as they cross the length and breath of the country.