Epic Minds

Our Journey so Far

Who Are Epic Minds?

Epic Minds is a travel and tourism brand. That sounds far too serious! We love adventure and discovery. We like to discover the unique, the stunning, the interesting, and the quirky. We love culture, sport, history, and science. We want to experience everything that travel has to offer and give it to you. We have Epic Minds and we like to fill them with all that the world has to offer.

Our first product is an automatic, location-based, audio-visual tourism app. Our aim is to reinvigorate the traditional road trip, and to inspire the explorer in you. We design tours around roads (A69 and Hadrian’s wall), routes (Highland Tourist Route), and themes (whisky, literature, art).

There are a variety of travel apps available to help you with all the various elements of your journey – the packing, budgeting, traffic, information, safety, and route planning – but here at Epic Minds we offer you something quite unique. We do not offer you a sweeping experience of our great nation. We take you on a journey. A journey into the land you’ll be travelling through. Instead of a blank canvas that slides past the windscreen, we bring the landscape to life with vivid tales of times gone by; of legends, and heroic acts. We tell you of the men and women, the wildlife, art and architecture that shape the landscape today, and the innovation that will shape tomorrows. We aim to make your vista relevant to you, to get you out of the car and engage with the people and places you see.

We focus on the detail; uncovering our secret places, our hidden gems, and our forgotten history. We introduce you to the landscape today. We tell you how folk live and work. We show you the natural world. We will tell you where to stop for the best views, the lochs to swim in, the hills to walk and even the places to take the dog for a scamper.

Download Epic Minds

You can download the Epic Minds App via the Google Play Store and the Apple App store. Select the Driver or Passenger feature, then route you’d like to travel. And that’s it – you’re instantly linked by to the tour. Start driving and when you get to the beginning of the tour it will automatically click in.


Who is it For?

Our philosophy here at Epic Minds is simple; make every journey an adventure – for you, and your mates, your partner, your family, for the young and young at heart, … even for the dog. No one is too young or too old to go an adventure.

It’s for the visitor and the resident, the holiday maker and the business person. Are you visiting the family up North or down South, have a business meeting in Exeter or Edinburgh, off to discover castles or distilleries? Let Epic Minds take you on a journey and hold you rapt.

It’s for everyone. All you need is a phone!